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Stereo Microscope

 Stereo Microscope
Stereo Microscope
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Product Code : SI-55
Product Description

STEREO MicroscopeS 

Model : SI-55 

Stereo Microscopes Suitable For Precision Dissection / Inspection / Assembly of Minute Specimens. 

Standard Specifications

Stereo Microscope Magnification 20X to 40X, 45ยบ inclined comfort viewing head , 50 -75mm IPD adjustments

Stereo Microscope One eyepiece tube with diopter adjustment ring for spectacle wearer

3-D true erect image and wide field of view

Stereo Microscope has 80mm to 55mm working distance

Stereo Microscope 2X & 4X sliding type high resolution achromatic objectives,

Stereo Microscope has WF10X 30mm dia multiplayer coated eyepieces for sharp vision

Stereo Microscope has Rack & Pinion fine focusing system

Stereo Microscope Binocular head adjustable on pole type simple stand, 82mm dia glass stage with black & white matted plate for field contrast 

Standard Accessories

Dust cover, thermocol box packing