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Colony Counter

Colony Counter
Colony Counter
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Product Code : T-136
Product Description


Model T-136

Designed for quick and accurate counting of  bacterial and mould colonies in petri dish, simply place dish on illuminated plate, a electronic touch pen provided to mark each colony in turn.

Main Details

  •  3 Digit digital display 0-999.count with memory locations
  • LED display
  •  Hold and count correction facility
  • Data restored even after power failure
  •  Counting plate with illuminated standard wolfhugel ruling                
  • Instrument workable on 230VAC ±10% 50Hz
  •  Standard Accessories supplied with instrument
  •  O  Marking pen, Magnifying glass with fixing clap and rod, Instruction manual in English.

Model T-135

Digital colony counter 4 digit LED display range 0-9999 with counting pen ,Magnifying glass with fixing clamp and rod,