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Delux Travelling Microscope XYZ Three motion

Delux  Travelling Microscope XYZ Three motion
Delux Travelling Microscope XYZ Three motion
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Product Code : TM-230
Product Description


MODEL : TM-230

 Main Details :

Travelling Microscope Model :TM- 230 has XYZ Motion 3 axis measurement facilities. The microscope has Horizontal, Vertical

and right angled transverse motion. The cast-iron heavy base has three leveling screws (one is fixed).

The base Vee-Top surface is machined to take a kinetically mount horizontal carriage, which supports

vertical column. The carriage has vernier and a magnifier for reading.

XYZ Motion Travelling Microscope Horizontal Scale :

The main body has 1/2mm x 220mm graduated scale with every cm numbered.

Three Motion Travelling Microscope Vertical Scale :

The vertical column has 1/2mm x 150mm graduated scale with every cm. Numbered.

Delux Travelling Microscope Transverse / Right Angle Scale :

25mm movement by rack & pinion system.

Both carriages have locking screws, releasing which enables free manual movement of the carriages.

Fine adjustment is by means of the fine screw thread with large dia knurled head at the end of each

side. The working plate-form fitted with white Perspex Milky sheet.

Has 1/2mm x 50mm graduated scale with every cm numbered.

Microscope :

Objective, eyepiece and cross hair, microscope have fine focusing by large size knob.

Main tube has a side arm which attached to the vertical carriage and fitted with

Objective :

Achromatic high resolution FL.50mm / 75mm.

Eye piece :

Ramsden 10x with cross hair.

Standard Accessories :

One reading magnifier, Dust cover, Instruction manual.

Packing :

Microscope packed in plywood box.