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Student Polarimeter

Student Polarimeter
Student Polarimeter
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Product Code : SP- 100
Product Description

Model :SP- 100

Student Polarimeter Suitable For Education & Training in Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy Institutions to find out relation between specific rotation and concentration per cm or per mm thick / path of various solutions.

Standard Specifications

Polarimeter Workable tube length :  200mm

Polarimeter Shade system :  Half shade device which is workable on  Sodium light .

Polarimeter Measuring Scale :  0º to 360º Circular scale divided in single degrees, every 10th line numbered and every 5th line extended.

Polarimeter Vernier reading :  1/10º = 6 minutes

Polarimeter Stand  :  Heavy CI casted stand adjustable in height

Polarimeters Standard Accessories

One 200 tube, Dust cover, Instruction manual, thick cardboard box packing